The Visual Arts Forum is a group of South Warwickshire artists working in a wide range of visual arts media, promoting awareness of the breadth of local arts.

Membership is open to any age, gender or nationality working in any of the visual arts and is limited to 55 members in total.

We hope you will enjoy browsing the site and exploring the work of our members.




To find out more about some of our member artists, including how to buy their work, please click on any of the images below.

amanda glanville
Amanda Glanville
rachel warren
Rachel Warren
robin wade
Robin Wade
andy page
Andy Page
amanda glanville
Penny Gildea
Kim Philpotts
Kim Philpotts
Claire Brierley
Claire Brierley

Claire Henley

Russell Gain

Escape Community Arts

Ros Ingram

Barb Perkins

Usha Khosla

Rod Perkins

Phil Irons

Ada Gaden

Anya Simmons

Janella Horne

Jo Wade

Soraya Fatha

Ann Donnelly

Kathryn Wickson

Catherine Hughes

Gordon Connell